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 11U General Discussion
 11u projections
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Posted - 10/11/2018 :  14:23:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Told y'all not sleep on Prowlers; they're going to mess with everybody.
Gasp! A team that has actually STAYED together the last 2-3 years, with a LARGE majority of the same kids, developing the kids, and look at that...they're pretty darn good.
Some teams and organizations should take note of this: player development. Not a hard concept, but some are just too dumb to get it and just want that bling, cuz, yeah, that's important for 11 year olds.

Bandits; tough loss to the prowlers? Eh, not really. They just got beat byt a really good team. Take break from all these fall tournaments; let the boys rest a little; it's fall.

You can throw Archer into the mix, too, now. They're solid. Save one grand slam, they may have won.

Good sunday tourney coming up.
Prowler's have a good shot of going back to back.
Bandits aren't playing this week????? WTF????????
Mizuno has had a lot of talk as of late; they play Orange, basically a better version of 10u yankees from last season playing a better* version of Orange. *Are they actually better, or not? Verdict may still be out, but still #1 team for 11u as of today 10/11/18 at 1:07pm.

OP and Navy? Are y'all there? Hello? Eh, they'll show up soon enough.

Showcase should perform well this weekend. May put my money on them.

Ga. Jackets! Makin' an appearance!

didn't astro's white win a tourney in tenn? I think so. not much love, so here's a pat on the rear.

It'll be good to see all these teams playing sunday, see how it all goes down.
Can the big boys stay dominant, or will the get put in their place? Bigger ain't always better, and with the pitcher's mound moved back a little, lots of hitting; you'd better hope your outfield is fast, cuz if not, it's going to be tough.

I think Sandy Plains and Mizuno, maybe Showcase instead, play in the championship this Sunday.

Good luck all.
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5 Posts

Posted - 10/12/2018 :  08:18:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think Oingo is already feeling the heat. I think Mizuno can beat orange. They have a great lefty pitcher that might dominates Orange, BTW I know Navy, Orange and Op would love to have him in their pitching rotation. LOL!!! Letís see what happen. Orange you better be ready lol!!!
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Posted - 10/12/2018 :  12:38:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
11u Astros Navy is the #1 Team
#1 Football Team all on one Baseball Team
Carry on with all the fall ball weak talk.... Itís Football Season Boys!
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6 Posts

Posted - 10/12/2018 :  16:24:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by BillNiehr

11u Astros Navy is the #1 Team
#1 Football Team all on one Baseball Team
Carry on with all the fall ball weak talk.... Itís Football Season Boys!

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Southside Boys

5 Posts

Posted - 10/14/2018 :  19:58:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Congratulations to Showcase and Prowlers making
It to the Championship Game

Prowlers threw their ACE 32 pitches in game 2
and 77 pitches in the Champ.

109 pitches in a one day Fall event

OUCH my arm hurts

Does anyone have Dr. Andrews phone #

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2 Posts

Posted - 10/14/2018 :  21:07:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You donít have anything better to do than report peoples pitch counts?

Their ACE is bigger than most and can handle more at times. You donít see Prowlers throwing junk side arm or curve balls at all from what Iíve seen. .give the doctors number to those 11u teams.

Great games today between all who played Triple Crown today. Bottom line letís enjoy and let the kids play. Why do the adults feel the need to criticize and talk so much?
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corn dawgie dawg

36 Posts

Posted - 10/14/2018 :  21:31:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hilarious southside

No price is too high to have some cred in this age group lmao

Good tourney other than the format, it is what it is. Some teams have cake walks and some actually have to play a real pool game. Donít get too caught up in the platinum through bronze brackets, the real championship was the first pool game at 8:30am with Orange edging out Mizuno Atl

Edited by - corn dawgie dawg on 10/14/2018 21:38:36
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51 Posts

Posted - 10/14/2018 :  23:40:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm writing because I've had a few folks tell me that a few have something to say about our team and pitch counts and riding pitchers the whole tournament. I don't really get involved in this website except to post tryouts and the like. I am the coach of the Prowlers and I am ultimately responsible for everything that goes on. I am very familiar with pitch count suggestions and rest. For someone (Southside Boys) to go out and spend time going through GameChanger or the Tourney Machine website to add up pitch counts and report on it without knowing all of the facts just shows how uninformed they might be.

We used 6 different pitchers in today's tournament. Yes, we may not have had the toughest draw out there today, but that's how it goes. My congrats goes out to the Showcase Howze team that we played tonight. They fought hard and their families were very respectful and out there to enjoy the game.

This so called ACE that Southside refers to pitched one inning in pool play and 3 1/2 innings in relief in the Championship game. By my math, that adds up to 4 1/2 innings of the total 15 innings that we played today. The Ace didn't throw one pitch all week in practice, so had 7 days rest. Dizzy Dean suggests an 85 pitch limit for this age group in rec ball. If that pitcher goes 6 innings, how many balls does he really throw between warm-ups and his 85 pitch limit? That number is 118 (85 plus 8 initial warm-ups and 5 warm-ups each inning). 118 and that doesn't include the maybe 15 to 20 pitches the coach has him warm-up off to the side before his team takes the field. Let's call it 15, so that gets us to 133. I know what my so called ACE threw today. 109 in Game Changer plus 8 warm-ups in pool play and 12 warm-ups (4 each inning) in the Championship Game. We limited his warm-up pitches as he was throwing very well and didn't need the warm-ups, so why waste the pitches. His total for the day was 129 including all warm-ups. He didn't throw one curveball or one sidearm pitch today, which many of the other teams are out there throwing. He threw 129 versus what Dizzy Dean allows plus the warm-ups that occur of 133 (maybe plus or minus 5). Yes, he's a bigger kid than most and can handle a bit more than others. If you saw him pitch, rather than just look numbers up on GameChanger, you'd also know that he uses his core very well.

We've enjoyed growing our team and getting to this level over the past couple of years. We've stayed under the radar of folks that utilize this website to pick at teams that they don't like or do it because their own team isn't as successful. To make a remark about Child Abuse (hlafontaine) without knowing any of these kids, coaches, families or being able to add up the total number of throws that actually occur (my so called ACE vs. Dizzy Deam recommendations) is Low. I assume that this website was established to be helpful (posting tryouts, tournaments, etc.), not for teams to have to put up with the BS that Southside and hlafontaine put out here about our team. If you have something to say, we've played 3 tournaments this Fall already. Come out and watch a game instead reporting on it through either your GameChanger feed or adding it up on the Tourney Machine website.

We'd like to go back to staying under your radar than to have to answer to unfavorable remarks being said out on this website. When we make decisions, we make it as a team. Our team includes our players, our coaches and our families. When you may a comment out here you are making it about our entire team. We've enjoyed the recognition of building our program and having the success that we've had this Fall. For those with negative comments, you run your teams and we'll run ours. It's fine to post your projections and the like (it's just fun to read sometimes), but it shouldn't be a forum to bash anyone. Enjoy your season!
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5 Posts

Posted - 10/15/2018 :  07:58:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
THE REAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME WAS AT 8:30 BETWEEN THE TOP TWO TEAMS IN THE TOURNAMENT ORANGE AND MIZUNO. BTW The top 3 teams in yesterdayís tournament and only real Major teams.
1. Orange
2. ATL Mizuno
3. Georgia Jackets
4. Rest of the teams
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1 Posts

Posted - 10/15/2018 :  11:07:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi! Wife of the Prowlers coach here. Just wanted to put a few facts out there as I have watched this forum since my son started travel ball at 8U which was probably ridiculous too. My 15U travel ball player did not start that early. We are keeping our softball daughter out of travel as long as possible because of things like this forum. Just ridiculous. However, I must admit sometimes it's funny.

No dad/mom/coach etc should be crediting or discrediting anyone on this site for any reason. These are young kids playing baseball. These should not be adults judging others and kids on what they are doing. If you feel the need to pass judgement quit hiding behind your screen names on here and contact us directly. It's the crap from parents outside the fence that ruins the experience for kids.

The games played yesterday were all good ball games played out based on pools and game scores determined by outcomes and Triple Crown, not by the teams. The kids played to the best of their abilities, their coaches spent their time coaching the games all day, and the parents/siblings/grandparents who truly enjoy it had fun watching their kids do what they do! We played some nice teams.

Major team rankings are determined by whom? USSSA and records and those who just proclaim themselves that way. Real???? Ok. This is youth baseball just let them play. Why the need for rankings and judging? In the end what does it mean anyway? It's baseball and games can go any way any day. There are so many "upsets" so to speak all the time.

As for me and my Prowlers...we have great, dedicated, volunteer coaches, 2 paid professional coaches, GREAT families, no drama, a beautiful park to play out of, field time in abundance, and support beyond belief. Our kids have skills, support, drive, determination and heart. They want it and play as a team. These are things I challenge are lacking in some other programs and are a huge reason for our success. Last year, two of our boys came home to where they started and look...you flourish where you are planted in an appropriate environment. We have many friends and former teammates who chose to go to other teams and have moved on since our early rec ball years. We all still see each other and support each other at the ballpark and cheer for kids! Everyone chooses what works best for them, and shouldn't be blasted for their choices. Most all of them are doing things way beyond the skill any of us had at their age.

Prowlers are just fine staying off your judgement site. We know who we are and we are proud of our success. Our "ACE" may have had a higher pitch count yesterday, but let's give that to Showcase Howze for their great bats. They fouled off a great many! Keep your child abuse remarks where they belong. You don't want to have that discussion. Ask one parent on our team if they think they ever feel that? Ask our "ACES" mom what she thinks about looking for a new team...she answered that last year with all the rumors going around that other teams had signed our ACE. Our ACE doesn't throw one pitch at 11 years old that is dangerous to his arm that you see some other teams already throwing. And that's their choice and none of our concern. We do our best to keep all this mess away from our players. Each of our boys contributes to every game and win in some way and we celebrate those successes. We don't parade super stars and our boys support each other for that reason.

We actually pitched 7 total pitchers yesterday. Sometimes the game plan changes based on who is on and off, what the circumstances are, etc. but unless you play for the Prowlers it's really none of your business. This really should be about watching some good baseball, hoping our boys always love the game, and enjoying the weekends at the ballpark with your kids and close families. State your top 10 if you'd like but don't be nasty to others. It's not attractive and I'm sure you all stating these things don't know anything personally about our team or families. Put the comments and judgements to rest and relax. You'll feel much happier!
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corn dawgie dawg

36 Posts

Posted - 10/15/2018 :  21:27:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
So someone stated the pitch count and it was correct, got it.

Hereís the updated top 10

1. Orange
2. OP
3. Navy
4. Mizuno Atl
5. 5 Star
6. Prowlers
7. Archer
8. Showcase
9. GA Jackets
10. Bandits
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